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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is recognized as persistent pauses in breathing during sleep. This happens when your muscles relax, causing a blockage in your airway. The momentary lack of oxygen startles you awake and produces excess stress on your heart, leading to a rise in blood pressure. As a result, patients may experience issues, like daytime fatigue and hypertension. The dental experts at Maison BE are highly experienced in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea using effective dental solutions, such as custom night guards. If you think you may have sleep apnea and you would like to learn more about getting relief, contact our New York, NY office today. Drs. Ellen Katz and Bridget Glazarov will help you find a comfortable solution to improve your well-being.

How Is Sleep Apnea Treated?

If you have mild to moderate sleep apnea and would prefer not to use a CPAP machine, a dental remedy could be exactly what you need. When you visit Maison BE, your dentist will learn about your sleep apnea symptoms in order to recommend the ideal treatment for you. We often provide oral appliance therapy (OAT) to treat sleep apnea. This will involve a customized device that fits in your mouth at night, much like a mouth guard or a retainer. The main difference is that instead of protecting your teeth against harm, it gently pulls the jaw into a forward position that keeps your airway open. There are many different mouth devices available for sleep apnea so Dr. Ellen or Dr. Bridget will ensure that you receive the right one for you.

The cleanliness of the office and the professionalism of the dental team made me feel very comfortable at my appointment and well taken care of. Thank you very much to Dr. Katz and her wonderful team.

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Dr. Katz is amazing!!!! No one likes to go to the dentist and now I love it. She is friendly, gentle, sympathetic, and does excellent dentistry. I have sent my coworkers and they are just as happy.

J.S. Google

Dr. Katz is a well-educated and experienced dentist with an excellent bedside manner and a very gentle touch. Highly recommend!

V.P. Google

Seeing Dr. Katz and her caring staff makes going to the dentist almost palatable 🤪. Dr. Katz is kind, compassionate, and a very good dentist. She’s not going for the money grab and is conservative in her treatment. Would highly recommend this practice.

S.L. Google

I had Invisalign done by Dr. Katz and the results are next to magnificent! In 6 months' time, I have absolutely straight teeth and a smile I am proud of! I couldn’t have done it without the amazing dedication of Dr. Katz!

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Help for Sleep Apnea

Since sleep apnea occurs during the night, you might be unsure whether you have it. The experienced dentists at Maison BE can confirm a diagnosis and let you know the recommended course of treatment, such as a dental appliance or a mouth guard. Contact our office in New York, NY to schedule your appointment today.

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