Why Do My Invisalign® Trays Smell?

By: Dr. Ellen Katz


Invisalign trays have revolutionized orthodontics and the way people straighten their teeth, offering a convenient and nearly invisible solution for teeth straightening. At Maison BE Dental Studio in New York, NY, Dr. Ellen Katz and her team are committed to ensuring the best experience with Invisalign treatment. They understand the unique concerns that may arise, such as unusual smell from the trays. Below, we’ll review common causes of smelly Invisalign trays, how to properly clean them, and ways you can avoid the smell from developing again. If you have any questions about your Invisalign aligners, feel free to call our office.

Why do my Invisalign trays smell when I remove them?

This may be a common question that users of Invisalign trays often ask at some point during their teeth-straightening journey. Understanding the root of the problem is essential in addressing it effectively. Our dental professionals at Maison BE Dental Studio have encountered this issue before and are well-equipped to guide you through it, ensuring a pleasant experience.

What are some common causes of the smell in Invisalign trays?

The smell in Invisalign trays can often be attributed to several factors:

  • Lack of proper cleaning can lead to bacterial buildup
  • Eating with the trays in can cause food particles to become trapped
  • Using inappropriate cleaning products may result in unpleasant odors.

By identifying and addressing these common issues with guidance from Dr. Katz and her team, you can maintain the integrity and freshness of your Invisalign trays throughout your treatment journey in orthodontics.

How can I clean my Invisalign trays properly?

Proper cleaning is crucial to maintaining the freshness of your Invisalign trays. You should rinse the trays every time you remove them, clean them with a soft-bristle brush and nonabrasive toothpaste, and soak them in a specialized Invisalign cleaning solution. Dr. Katz at Maison BE Dental Studio can provide additional personalized care instructions. Cleaning the trays regularly not only helps to preserve their appearance but also promotes overall oral health, reducing the chance of unpleasant odors. By adhering to the proper cleaning protocols, you ensure that the trays fit well and function effectively, thereby enhancing your orthodontic experience. The team at our New York, NY office is at your disposal to provide guidance, tips, and support in maintaining your Invisalign trays.

Are there specific products I should avoid using on my Invisalign trays?

Yes, there are certain products that can actually exacerbate the smell or discoloration of the Invisalign trays. Avoid using colored or scented soaps and solutions with harsh chemicals, as these can affect the integrity of your trays. Always consult with Dr. Katz for recommended products that are safe to use.

How can I prevent the smell from happening again in the future?

Preventing your Invisalign tray from smelling in the future is possible. Maintaining a regular cleaning routine, following Dr. Katz's guidelines on foods and beverages to avoid while wearing the trays, and scheduling regular check-ups at Maison BE Dental Studio in New York, NY are key steps in orthodontics. Together, we can ensure your orthodontic experience with Invisalign treatment remains positive and successful.

Prevent your Invisalign trays from smelling

Understanding the reasons behind the smell in your Invisalign trays and knowing how to properly care for them will ensure a more comfortable and effective treatment. If you have concerns about your Invisalign trays or are interested in starting the treatment for teeth straightening, contact our New York, NY office today for a personalized consultation at Maison BE Dental Studio. Trust in Dr. Katz's expertise, and let us guide you toward a beautiful and confident smile.

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