What Determines if a Tooth Needs an Onlay?

By: Dr. Ellen Katz


Decay or trauma may cause a tooth to become so damaged that it needs more than a standard filling. In this case, a dental onlay may be recommended. An onlay is similar to a filling but is larger and covers one or more of the cusps (the pointed bumps) of your tooth. Maison BE Dental Studio is proud to offer onlays to patients who require more extensive repair.

Dr. Ellen Katz understands the importance of preserving your natural enamel whenever possible and will discuss the best treatment options for your needs. Call our New York, NY office to schedule a consultation and learn about your options. We hope to enhance your oral health through advanced dental solutions.

What is an onlay?

An onlay is a dental restoration used to replace a decayed or broken tooth. It is bonded onto the surface and covers either one or more cusps, or the entire biting surface. Maison BE Dental Studio uses only the highest quality materials to ensure a strong and durable bond.

Who needs an onlay?

Cavities tend to form when people fail to practice proper oral hygiene. Though traditional dental fillings can address small cavities and minor cases of decay, an onlay may be necessary in more advanced cases.

Onlays are also for patients who have suffered significant trauma to the mouth. An accident like a fall can chip or fracture a tooth in ways that a filling cannot repair. Additionally, bruxism (teeth grinding) can wear away the enamel. An onlay may be the best way to restore a tooth and prevent further damage.

What are onlays made from?

Maison BE Dental Studio uses composite resin, metal, and porcelain to craft dental onlays. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dr. Katz can perform an assessment in New York, NY, and discuss factors like aesthetics and durability to decide which material is best for your situation. We also take digital x-rays to understand your oral health and develop a personalized restoration.

Benefits of dental onlays include:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Onlays can be matched to the natural shade of your teeth, making them virtually undetectable.
  • Strength: Onlays are extremely durable and long-lasting to resist natural wear and tear.
  • Easy maintenance: Onlays are highly resistant to staining, meaning you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks without worry.

Who is not a candidate for onlays?

If a tooth is so severely damaged that it cannot be saved, then an onlay may not be the best way to move forward. In these cases, Dr. Katz may suggest extraction and replacement with a restoration like a dental implant. Please inform us of your medical history, any allergies you may have, and any medications you are taking. This information helps us provide the safest and most effective solutions possible.

Improve your oral health with onlays

When it comes to restoring your smile, Maison BE Dental Studio has the experience and expertise needed to provide the best possible care. Dr. Ellen Katz knows what it takes to repair damaged teeth and preserve healthy ones. To learn more about onlays or schedule a consultation, contact our New York, NY office today. We look forward to helping you enhance your smile.

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