I Have Severe Tooth Decay. Can Full Mouth Reconstruction Restore My Smile?

By: Dr. Ellen Katz


Tooth decay is a serious problem that causes pain, sensitivity to hot or cold foods, or visible damage when left unaddressed. Fortunately, treatments like full mouth reconstruction are known to restore your oral health and smile.

An experienced dentist provides the care and attention needed to manage decay and keep your smile beautiful long-term. Dr. Ellen Katz is an expert in full mouth reconstruction and knows how to provide exceptional results. Schedule a dental consultation and see how Maison BE Dental Studio in New York, NY can meet your needs through a custom treatment plan.

What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is caused by one or a combination of factors, including poor oral hygiene that leads to plaque and tartar buildup. The bacteria in plaque create harmful acids that eat away at the enamel, causing small cavities that only get bigger over time. Additional factors that contribute to tooth decay:

  • Poor dietary habits: Bacteria convert sugar and carbohydrates into acids that attack tooth enamel. The acid in soda and sports drinks also damages the enamel.
  • Dry mouth: Saliva protects the teeth by washing away food particles. People with dry mouths don't have this natural protection, putting them at greater risk for decay.
  • Smoking: Smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products harms the enamel and increase your risk of additional oral health problems.

The good news is you can help prevent unwanted tooth decay through regular brushing and flossing, using an antibacterial mouthwash, and scheduling regular dental exams with a trusted dentist.

How is tooth decay treated?

Early cases of tooth decay may not cause symptoms at first. However, moderate to severe decay causes pain, sensitivity, or damage that weakens the tooth and causes problems when eating or speaking. Delayed treatment can lead to serious or irreversible complications, so it's essential to call Maison BE Dental Studio as soon as possible for an appointment.

The first step in treating tooth decay is to remove the plaque and tartar buildup on the teeth. This can be done through professional cleaning. Dr. Katz may recommend a filling or other treatment to restore the tooth if decay has damaged the enamel. In severe cases, a root canal or tooth extraction may be necessary.

What does full mouth reconstruction involve?

Maison BE Dental Studio in New York, NY is proud to offer a full range of dental services. Full mouth reconstruction is designed to address all aspects of your oral health as well as improve the aesthetics of your smile.

The first step is to discuss a treatment plan with Dr. Katz. Our dental plans are tailored to your needs and may involve one or more procedures, including dental crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures.

Full mouth reconstruction can take one appointment or several, depending on the work that needs to be done. Our team works with each patient to ensure their comfort through advanced and minimally invasive treatments.

Restore your smile with full mouth reconstruction

Severe tooth decay can lead to many problems, but now you can have a stunning smile again through full mouth reconstruction. Anyone interested in learning about this treatment should call Maison BE Dental Studio to schedule a thorough assessment with Dr. Ellen Katz. Our New York, NY dental team will develop a personalized treatment plan and help you achieve your desired smile goals.

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